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~ Traditional E Surface (Matte Finish) is the most popular paper used by professional photographers. It shows

accurate colors, realistic skin tones and remains vibrant with an archival value of 100 years (200 in dark storage).

~ Metallic Paper (Glossy Finish) gives your photos a unique 3-D look with a pearlescent surface and ultra bright backgrounds. Uses a combo of film and laminate layers for beautifully saturated colors, natural looking flesh tones, resistance to curling and tearing,and sharp details with an archival value of 100 years (200 in dark storage).

~ True Black And White (Matte Finish)- uses a rich black continuous-tone that avoids color tints. This resin-coated paper is the best for viewing those black and white memories.

*** Lustre Finish is an additional option for all prints. It adds a luxurious sheen to your photos, as well as protecting them from UV exposure, fingerprints and household elements like dust, without interferring with the image. 

Paper Options

Amanda E. Photography is now offering beautiful, high-quality, prints and home decor.
All prints come from a professional lab on the paper of your choice, and we now offer
gallery-wrapped Canvas to showcase your memories.